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Posted 17 Oct 2005 in Livejournal Import, Uncategorized

Everyone’s Got Their Firsts…

First best friend: Randy Mills
First screen name: Romeo013
First funeral: Some guy at the church I grew up at (I forget his name)
First cd: Michael W. Smith
First pet: Mitzy (dog)
First piercing: None
First big trip: Camp? Or a trip to the Philippines
First flight: Chicago IL to Manila, Philippines
First job: McDonald’s
First LiveJournal friend: Sarah, I think

Everyone also has their lasts…

Last car ride: Home from running errands
Last time you cried: I shed tears all the time (too cold, too sappy, movie is sad, etc.) but haven’t really cried in years.
Last movie you watched: City of Angels
Last food you ate: A slice of Cheese
Last love: My wife! I will never love another!
Last item bought: Milk
Last annoyance: Misplaced things
Last shirt worn: Black T shirt(wearing currently)
Last time at the mall: Ummm….It’s been years. I avoid the mall whenever possible
Last song listened to: SimCity 4 Theme


  1. It’s not been years since you were at the mall…

    You were there when you got your tux fitted for Taco’s wedding.


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