We won!

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Posted 12 Dec 2005 in Livejournal Import, Uncategorized

All I can say is “Samkon, oh my Gado!”

And so what that we’re 3-10. The Packers would never have found Mr. Gado had this season not gone like this. This kid rocks! And for reasons I can’t understand…everyone seems to be real supportive of him.


Go Packers! Another Monday night game next week! (Woot!)


  1. Apparently Gado is very humble and very motivated, so he inspires good will in those around him. And, also, he’s supposed to be from the same country that KGB’s ancestors are from, which is just all “small world” and jazz.

    YAAAAY! 3-10 is better than 2-11!

    • No arguement there, just hearing the commentators last night were talking well about him.

      He’s a great kid, and I hope he sticks around. Every game he gets better and better.


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