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Posted 10 Oct 2006 in Livejournal Import, Uncategorized

Today is just a blah day for me. I’m in a funk and I’m not entirely sure how to roll myself out of it. As such, everything is dark and gray and gloomy for me. So…take that with a grain of salt as I pound out an update on my life….

I just found out today that our contract at work is going to be renewed. That’s another three years before we have to worry about contract stuff again. That’s nice.

I’ve been tired lately. Run down. I don’t know how to recharge. I went on vacation and I haven’t recovered from it yet. It wasn’t very relaxing for me. Why is it that so much gets scheduled into a vacation? Why can’t I just have a day off where nothing is expected of me? I just want to sit and be a bachelor, for just one day (and no, onesweetchicken, I’m not asking for one, it’s completely unfair).

I think I need beer.

Last weekend we took Baby Ziggie to see Cars in the dollar theatre. 5 minutes into the movie the reel got stuck and the projector melted through the reel. So we were issued passes to come back another time. I thought about getting really upsetting and demanding not only my money back for the tickets but also my money back for the popcorn and soda I wouldn’t have bought if I’d known I wouldn’t be watching a movie. I calmed down eventually and decided not to pursue it.

Tonight the new Veronica Mars is on. Yay!!! Nobody outside of my wife and herowlness even know it exists. So, even though it comes on, no one around here talks about it. Instead I have to suffer through talks about Lost and Amazing Race and God only knows what else they ramble about here.

Man, maybe I shouldn’t post when I feel like this.

I cleared out my inbox today. If you’re reading this, and I owe you an email then I lost it. Please tell me and I’ll send something heartfelt your way. Really. And yes, I’ll wait until tomorrow to send it.

I’ve become addicted to a game called Kingdom Hearts. It’s not that is particularly challenging (unless you’re trying to figure out the Gummi Ship stuff), it’s just nice to immerse myself into another world.

Guess that’s it for now. Lemme know if I missed anything.



    The “T” days are totally the best days, because they are my Television days. Strange how that works out, I suppose. :)

  2. I love Kingdom Hearts. At least the first one. I’ve started the second one, but I kinda sorta lost interest. (That happens with me a lot.)

    • Yay KH!! Although I liked the second even better, actually. And I loved the game boy version too. I’m slightly obsessed.

      I take it that means you got a mem card. :)

  3. Anonymous

    From Mandy

    You owe me an email. I will resend last one, because it took me a long time to type it and it sucks that you didn’t read it.


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