I don’t have a creative bone in my body, I’m sure of it. Well, I know I have some creativity, but when it comes to thinking outside the box, I’m usually stuck inside it pounding on the walls attempting to break out. If I succeed, yes! If I don’t, which is often the case, then I take obscure, obese routes to get the simplest of things done. And I’m a problem solver!!

I’m flummoxed by my inability to create. I sat down just down with the intention of starting a short fiction story, but instead my brain locked up because I started thinking about all the details involved. The details overwhelm me, and I can’t focus on one step at a time. My brain refuses to, it gets stuck in that box.

When I try to think through step by step, I’m immediately rushed with the 29 reasons it won’t work that way because I don’t know how to get the information I need to that step. I don’t know how to get the information to that step, because I can’t think outside the box. Rather than doing this the smart way…well, you get the point.

Well that was fun. I just rambled on about absolutely nothing. What does this mean? I think it means that I have diarrea of the mouth. Euww…now there’s a thought I don’t want.

In happier(?) news, we took baby little Ziggie out trick or treating last night. I can hardly call him baby Ziggie anymore. He’s getting so big!! Anyways, out we went, with little Ziggers all dressed up as Spiderman (Spy-man!). All the practice I’d done with him for trick or treat completely disappeared as he got shy and didn’t want to go to any houses. I had him saying “TrickTreat!” on command. Last night he would only grin shyly and run away. After about 4 -6 houses of this, he got bored and wanted to go home.

I wanted to tell him it was worth it, that the candy in his little bucket would be worth all the running around and trick or treat calling. But he would hear none of it. So we went home. hmmm…weird spiritual application just sort of up and tried to apply itself on me. Good thing I squashed that!

I actually got to bed at a decent time last night. So why am I more tired today than I normally am? There must be something wrong with me somewhere for this to keep happening.

I beat Kingdom Hearts. Now I just have to wait on the money so I can order the sequel. ~sigh~ Why can’t money grow on trees?

No other news ready to report. I’ll have to try again next time.


  1. Awwww, such a cute picture! And *little* Ziggie sounds adorably shy and cute. :-D

  2. Anonymous

    from Mandy

    He’s so cute. And getting so big. Tessa was “Ariel” from the little mermaid, and she wouldn’t go up to any house that scared her–Cruella De Vil, monster masks, a vampire on the porch, scary music, and a couple that we still don’t know why. But between school, our next door neighbor, and trick-or-treat, she has a very respectable haul.

    Tell ClaireElaine I like that picture of her too. She looks happy.

    Don’t worry about the creative thing. We all have issues. Try taking up something with instant gratification, and then move up–I started with tiny knitting projects that I could complete quickly, and then worked up to sweaters. Also, I usually have at least 2 projects at once–one small one for when I get bored with the big one. Instant gratification.


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