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So…I’m a freaking genius.

In an effort to forestall re-installing Windows on my work computer, I downloaded a Registry Cleaner. Among it’s many features was an ability to get rid of “unneeded files”. So I was running it, happy to get my computer cleaned up and happy to push off a Windows re-install until I had more time.

Then a message popped up: 2000+ unneeded files found. Delete?

I clicked on view, looked through all the files, it certainly looked like something I didn’t need anymore.

Just to be safe, I made sure my backup was up to date. It was.

So I clicked Delete.

It chugged through, then popped up finished. Then I noticed something strange….all the icons (and I mean ALL the icons) on my desktop disappeared.

I thought that was strange, but figured explorer locked up and was doing something goofy.

I rebooted, and came back and it’s still empty.


So I go to my Start menu. It’s empty.

So is my quick launch.

This wonderful program had marked all (yes, all. I did a search) of my lnk (shortcut) files as unnecessary.


So now what. I could spend the 2-3 hours to re-create all the shortcuts. It’d be time consuming, but it’d be better than a Windows re-install, right?

Well…no. After 20 minutes of trying to determine which Phtshop.exe actually launched Photoshop and which one tried to reinstall it, I decided I didn’t have time for this.

So I wiped the hard drive and reinstalled Windows.

And…you guessed it, my backups weren’t as current as I thought. (no, just kidding, they were fine).

So now I have a clean Windows machine, with shortcuts, and it’s faster than I remember it ever being.

~sigh~ why did I put up with the crap for so long?

So, my quick notes:

-unnecessary files are sometimes necessary.
-a clean Windows is a happy Windows.
-trial software makes Windows an unhappy Windows.
-apparently the first time I got cygwin to work it was a fluke. It won’t work this time.

So, yes. I am now piecing together my data so that it is something useful.

That is all.


  1. Ha! Thanks for the laugh.

  2. Huh, it’s funny, but “why did I put up with the crap for so long?”…

    …is exactly what I thought when I switched to Ubuntu. ;)

    • yes well, I still haven’t had any luck getting Ubuntu to run at home.

      I was this || close to putting Ubuntu on my laptop and offloading .net development to one of my Windows servers.

      Still not sure why I didn’t do that. :P


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