Fun with FiOS

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Posted 16 Mar 2010 in FiOS, Technology, Verizon

I wanted to post about my FiOS experience while it was still fresh. You guys will get a kick out of this (Verizon provides DSL and Fiber and is our local telco where I live).  Names would have been changed but I just don’t care.

In September, 2009 I moved around the corner from where I live. The landlord where I was living sold the house and didn’t renew my lease so it was time to go. I called Verizon and told them I was moving and I needed to transfer my service. Told them I’m moving 9/26/09 and would love to have the service overlap by a couple days, but they were unable to do that. OK….can you do the transfer on the 26th? No problem I’m told.

That call was on 9/9/09 or so. The next day, our Internet and TV service are shut off. WTH?!?! Call Verizon, spent 2-3 hours on the phone with them, oh we messed up. someone will be out in a week to hook you up. No, I say, you turned it off remotely, turn it back on remotely. “We can’t sir, someone has to come out and check your lines before we can reactivate service.” ~blink~

WHAT?? I had service this morning and the lines were fine!! Do you think I ripped them up to spite you? Six supervisors later, many frustrations, yellings, and expletives later, my Internet and TV were turned back on. At this point I told them I only wanted to transfer the Internet, didn’t need their TV service anymore. “Oh yes sir, no problem” I’m told.

~sigh~ That should have been a sign.

Remember, I’m moving on the 26th? On 9/24/09 My Internet gets shut off again. WTH?!?!? Another 2 hours on the phone with Verizon “support” and I get “We had to disconnect it today to move your account on the 26th?” Wha?? I was told specifically, I say, that it would be no problem to maintain service through the 26th for my move that day. “I understand sir, but it’s been shut off” Well, turn it back on! “We’ll have to schedule someone to come out and check your lines.” ~sigh~. 4 supervisors later, many yellings and swearings and my Internet was turned back on. For two days. They insisted on charging my credit card $2.47 – the amount of two days of service. Really? Fine. whatever. “Oh, and for your trouble sir, we’re extending you one month of free service”. Well, how nice. Why the $2.47 charge? No one knows.

So I move, bills cross in the mail, October bill is sent to my old address. I don’t think anything about it cuz things take time to change. Then a charge for way more than my service appears on my credit card (yes the same one from above) from Verizon. So I call Verizon. Another 2 hour phone call ensues in which they check every account I’ve ever had and have no idea why that billing showed up on my credit card. OK, I say, why did you bill my credit card? “We don’t know.” Take it off then. “We can’t unless we know how we billed you.” What’s to stop you from doing again? “You could close your credit card….” I call my credit card company and they remove the charge and charge it back to Verizon.

As if this wasn’t enough…my November bill comes shortly thereafter. It’s sent to the wrong address. Sigh. OK, computer glitch. Call Verizon, say hey my billing address is wrong, you’re sending the bills to the wrong address. “Oh, we’ll be happy to change that for you sir, we’ll just need a credit card number.” Wha??? “Yes sir, you’re an Internet only account now, we require a credit card on file.” Umm…the last time I gave you a credit card number I got random charges unrelated to my account. “That’s unfortunate sir, but we do require a credit card.” Umm…no. I don’t have one. “Then we can’t change your address. The system won’t let us.” Then I can’t pay a bill I don’t receive. “Then we’ll be forced to turn you over to collections.” Don’t get me wrong, I want to pay the bill, but if I’m not receiving them, I can’t pay them. “Yes sir.” Ummm….ok.

I hang up. Very frustrated. Prepared to write consumer affairs, the BBB, God, Gandhi, Bill Gates, whoever…I post on twitter “VERIZON FAIL: changing a mailing address should not require a credit card. Comcast is looking better and better.” Within seconds a rep from Comcast has replied to my tweet. “Can I help?” By the next day I was in touch with a senior account rep at Comcast who had me sold on a new line from them. With paper billing (laughably, my one requirement in an ISP…).

Call Verizon today to try one more time (Comcast had a 30 day cancellation policy with no penalty) to change my address. I go straight to the cancellation department. “Hello can I help you?” Yes, I guess I need to cancel my account because you guys can’t send your bill to the right address without a credit card that I don’t have. “We should be able to send your bill, let me look.” Ok, fine. “Oh, you’re Internet only”. That’s right. “We need a credit card.” I don’t have one. “Then I can’t change your address.” What do you suggest? “Get a credit card.” Umm….no. “I can give you a $25 account credit.” Will that change my address? “Not without a credit card.” Then that won’t do me any good. “So you’re refusing the account credit?” No, I’m just saying that won’t solve my problem. “What will solve your problem?” Seriously? Changing my billing address. “I’m not able to do that without a credit card.” And I’m not able to give you one. “Then I can’t change your address.” And I can’t pay a bill you’re not sending to me. “Yes sir.”

I think Verizon is full of retards at this point (sorry).

Fine, cancel my account. “Yes sir. You are under contract and we will be charging you a fee for breaking it.” Wha???? How can you accuse me of breaking a contract when you refuse to send me bills to pay? “We are sending bills sir.” Not to me. “Then we need to change your address.” Then change it. “Not without a credit card sir.” I don’t have one. “Then I can’t change your address.” and I can’t pay you without a bill. “yes sir.”

I had them cancel the account. Surprisingly, they asked me for an address to send the final bill to.

Verizon says they record these phone calls…i wonder if I can get a copy?

Fast forward 4 months, I’m still receiving bills from Verizon – for existing service.  I’ve sent several letters…no response just more bills.  I may call again.

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