Me, if I were a Simpson.

Honestly, you’re only going to be reading this blog if you know me.  And if you know me, then why am I spending time explaining who I am on an about page?  I don’t know either, but here I go.

My name is Chad Johnson.  No, I’m not the football player, nor related to one of the hundreds of Johnson’s that you might know.  And no, I don’t find voting jokes amusing.  I live among the corn stalks in Indiana and spend my life fixing other people’s computer problems.

And I blog.  No, not often, and seldom regularly.  But now that blogging is starting to trickle off and not be a fad, I thought it might be worth checking out and trying.  After all, maybe someone will read what I have to say and enjoy it.

I’ll cover the gamut here.  From technology, to current events, to things I’m struggling with to odd random things my kids did (I have two).  I may even throw in some theological discussions just to keep everyone included.  Come in, look around, comment if you like.  I’m not forcing you to stay.

Um.  That’s it.  Go read the blog now.  :-)

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