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Xanga Xonga Xungo

Posted 05 Dec 2005 — by chad
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I found Xanga today.
I like Xanga because it uses one of those mysterious letters of the alphabet that the english language seems trying hard to forget about. Z and Q are other good examples. In fact, in Britain, they have tried especially hard to ignore the letter Z, replacing it with S whenever possible.
But back to my point. I found Xanga because an old friend posted on Teri’s comments.
Teri’s comments were under her post.
Her post is on my friends list.
My friends list contains Teri’s post.

So, thank you Teri, for introducing me to Xanga.

In other news. What other news? There really isn’t any other news. Except to know that the news that would be here would be so spectacular and so magnificent that you would stare at it in awe and go “Why isn’t that on Xanga?”

And I’ll say because my name doesn’t have a X in it, therefore I am not worthy of Xanga.

Let’s see. Baby Ziggie turns 2 in February. He is learning millions of words a day. Well, one or two a day, but it’s very cute to see him come up to you and use the wrong one’s. “Daddy Stuck” he said once when he couldn’t get his shoes on. “Daddy O!” he says when he wants any type of food.

He’s adorable. Guess I’ll keep him after all. (only kidding those who might have thought I could seriously give away my own child to someone who wasn’t me).

I think I have the flu. I’m not sure yet. I’ll find out if this head cold goes away or gets worse. I haven’t figured out how to call in sick at my new job yet so I can’t get the flu yet. That, and i’m not sure what the sickday policy is.

Righto. I’m off.

Veronica Mars

Posted 03 Oct 2005 — by chad
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I finally got around to downloading the premiere of Season 2 Veronica Mars. But I don’t know when I can watch it!!

I was going to watch it during Baby Ziggie’s first nap, but I have an interview (darn interviews)

And tonight there is Bible Study…

I’m so distressed!!!

This Friday will be one month without a job. Anyone out there hiring?