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Something I learned today

Posted 03 Apr 2012 — by chad
Category Programming, Technology

For my tech geek friends, I learned a new feature of robocopy today.  (Source)

I had to recreate the directory structure of one server on another server, including permissions.  At first I copied the files over with xcopy and then started comparing permissions.  After three folders (out of hundreds), I got bored and figured there had to be a better way.

There was.

Robocopy was something I played around with back in my DOS 6.22 days.  And it’s still around (which is pretty cool).

So for the curious, if you ever need to replicate a directory structure from one machine to another (or even on the same machine) and include file permissions, the below is what will do it for you:

robocopy "source" "destination" /e /z /SEC /xf *

source – your source directory.
destination – your destination directory
/e – include empty subdirectories (use /s if don’t want empty subdirectories)
/z – copy in recoverable mode (in case of error)
/SEC – copy permissions
/xf * – exclude files matching * (everything)

Thus ends today’s geek lesson.