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Johari? What Johari you talking about?

Posted 18 Apr 2006 — by chad
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So…I finally caved: For everyone who ever posted one of these and I didn’t do it, go ahead and send me the link. Bugger.

I’ve had the flu for the past week and a half. Or I’m calling it the flu. In actuality: a sinus infection, ear infection, and spring cold combined with my allergies to give me the week and a half from hell I’ve been going through. It’s easier to say the flu. I finally kicked the infections and my allergies have died down. Now I just have to kick this cold. Ack, I just realized I forgot my meds last night (I may not be done after all)

So both Mrs. Ziggie and I agree that we don’t want to see her pregnant again. Not that it was a horrible experience, but we finally got her body sorted out so we’re not at the ER every other week and we’re not sure what a pregnancy would do to the delicate balance that is her. So…we’re looking into the foster program, with the goal of eventually adopting. Umm…hun, if this was supposed to be a secret, oops! Pssst…just in case all 5 readers of this: don’t tell!

I woke up this morning, looked in the mirror and almost had a heart attack. No reason, just my face at 6 in the morning probably shouldn’t be the first thing I see.

I’ve lost 15 lbs since I started my “I’m not trying to lose it, but I’ll pay attention to my weight now” diet. Getting sick twice in the past month has helped this process. Oh, and I finally kicked the Mtn. Dew habit. By not dreaking that I’ve found that I’ve been sick ever since. Maybe it was a bad time to quit. But overall I feel like I have more energy. At least I was sick through the withdrawal symptoms (or because of? hard to tell).

Tax time is over, which means my sister can have a life again. I’m trying to convince her to come out and see her adorable nephew.

I’m very burned out on most of the TV shows I (sadly) currently watch. All of them (with a couple exceptions) are stuck in the routine they seem to have that gets them from point A to point B then circles back to point A and after an entire season you’re right back where you started again and what was the point? Simpsons and 24 seem to be the only exceptions. Oh, and that new show Unan1mous (I love the 1 in the title making it sound like U-nan-one-mous) is pretty interesting, but it’s still the first season so no one actually knows the rules yet. It definitely has the potential to get old quickly. Maybe this is a sign I should watch less television?

Easter was a bust for us. All three of us lay around the house sick wishing we were better so we could go be with family. My MIL just had a baby and we couldn’t go see the family, and my grandma had a party at her house that we had to skip. There was lots to do and not one of us was healthy enough to go do it. I’m tired of being a hermit.

I miss college. Well, ok, not the classes. Come to think of it though, I didn’t spend much time in those to start with. But I miss the comradarie I had with my friends at the time. It was before (if you go about mid-way through anyway) I had committed a few of my last major screw ups (not bad, since leaving college I’ve only had three major screw ups in 4 years….). And life made sense then. No, we didn’t have it all figured out, but we understood our little world. Now I’m not sure what we understand anymore..or who is even trying to understand it with me.

I’ve been doing some soul searching lately. I know it’s around here somewhere, I just have to look a little harder and it’s bound to turn up (ha ha ha ha ha). I’ve wondererd, am I really happy? I mean, I love my family, I love my job, I love….most things, but how restless am I lately? Part of me wants to pick up and go. I’m tired of paying bills and putting my family first. I just want to relax, to not worry about things, to let things go and know when I come back to life again everything will be where I left it. Like college. ~sigh~

In other news, my socks don’t match. Ah well.

Post # 41

Posted 10 Apr 2006 — by chad
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So it’s been a while since I posted. Sue me. :D

I had some strange dreams the other night. In one of them I was with my wife and we were leaving the house. Our son was in bed, in his room upstairs (the upstairs which magically appeared on our one story house, naturally) and our baby sitter from down the street was in the room next to his to make sure he stayed in bed. Meanwhile, as we were leaving, Draco Malfoy (have I been reading too much Harry Potter) showed up to move in, which of course we were fine with. We told him the baby was sleeping (back in his crib, on the first floor now) and asked him not to wake him up. Fine, said Draco. We get back the next morning from whatever we were doing and the place is trashed. Draco had thrown a party while we were gone (serves us right for being gone all night I suppose). So we dashed up the steps to the detatched garage to check on the baby (his room kept moving for some reason) and found him, asleep, yet surrounded by garbage, ashes, and cigarette butts. He, however, was none the worse for wear.

Then I woke up.

Another dream I had placed me back in High School. I was sitting in my second period History class, and the bell rang. I had so many books (I had just been to the library and they were nice enough to deliver them to me) and couldn’t carry them all. So I grabbed a desk, stacked my stuff on top of it, and proceeded to roll (yes, it grew wheels) down the hallway while I tried to remember where I was supposed to be for third period.

While I couldn’t remember, I did know where my locker was, so I set off for it knowing I had a copy of my schedule inside. I arrived at my locker and couldn’t remember my combination (thinking back, how many of us remember our combinations from 8 years ago?). I knew there was an 86 in it, but the combo lock only went up to 45. Frustrated, I turned to the girl next to me (who I knew from college) and asked her if she knew where I was supposed to be for third period. She shrugged, and I asked her if she knew what my locker combination was. She said she did and proceeded to open it. Then I woke up.

And then last night I dreamt of trying out for the Green Bay Packers.

I’m not one to normally remember my dreams. In fact, within about 5 minutes I’ve usually forgotten whatever it was I dreamt about. I’ve never been bothered by dreams before. Now I have three that I can’t get out of my head. I’m scared to go to sleep again!

I realized after my high school dream that it has now been 8 years since I graduated high school. Where did the time go? Just as sobering is the fact I’ve been out of college for 4. Where has the time gone? I don’t feel like it’s been that long. To know that an entire class of students has entered, studied, and left college while I’ve been away, and here I am still struggling to make ends meet and fighting with the banks trying to get my school loans at an affordable level. I feel like I’m still in college sometimes, until I come home from work and my son runs to greet me, telling me about his day (puppy, hole, nap, bed, wet, messy, CoCo!). What happened to all the time?

I turn 26 this year. I remember when 26 felt old, but now it feels…so young.

My son officially became a big boy on Friday night. The crib is no longer in his room, and he now has his very own “big boy bed”. The first night was a little rocky as he adjusted to not having the tall bars of the crib around him. And on Saturday he woke up from his nap after 10 minutes and came out of his room announcing he was all done. He was not happy when I told him that, in fact, he wasn’t and he needed to go back to bed. (All done!!! he cried).

And in other news…there is no other news. I’m not that involved in anything else. So if any soon to be Freudians want to dissect my dreams, feel free, but otherwise, that’s all for me for the next 6 weeks (maybe not so long…)