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Packers Won

Posted 24 Sep 2007 — by chad
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Right, so if you didn’t know before, now you do: I am a Green Bay Packer fan. And we won. Against the Chargers. Despite everyone saying we wouldn’t.


And yet, despite my joyousness at leading the division and being 3-0…I have to admit that I am both surprised by this (yes, surprised) and cautiously optimistic about the future.

Plus, being surrounded by Colt fans who are so convinced that they are going to repeat their Super Bowl win (despite the awesomeness of the Patriots this year, but I digress) and that they will go 16-0 (Colts I mean), I walk into every game (ha, on TV of course) expecting the worse.

Does that make me a bad fan?


Real updates coming soon-ish.


I did it!

Posted 09 Jan 2006 — by chad
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For five years I’ve been trying to lose weight using a combination of not exercising and not dieting. Up until recently, this method has resulted in failure. But today, on a whim, I decided to weigh myself, and I’ve lost 8 pounds since the last time I weighed myself (a month ago I think). So now I’m going to write a book talking about the wonders of this non-dieting, non-exercising weight loss method, get rich, and pay someone to take off all the weight I don’t want. now that’s weight loss magic.

I bought a GameCube on Friday. A friend at work was selling his, and seeing as I wanted one for the new Zelda game, I figured buying his used would be cheaper in the long run than buying a new one. So now I have a used GameCube sitting in my entertainment center collecting dust, because I haven’t bought Zelda for it. Though I did play some Tiger Woods golf, and I discovered that I am not a golfer. I also played some baseball game, and discovered that I am not a baseball player. So here’s what I learned: I should stick to my Madden Football on the computer, and put aside the silly notion of a GameCube.

I watched a lot of football this weekend (well, three games I guess could be a lot). The Packers aren’t in the playoffs, so I thought I wouldn’t watch. But I enjoyed watching the Giants lose. I also enjoyed watching Pittsburgh and New England won. I’m sure there was another game being played out there, but I didn’t watch it. Without the Packers, I am not forced to root for someone other than the Packers. I am going to root for whoever beats the Bears. And if for some odd reason both the Colts and the Bears make it to the playoffs, I will have to boycott the game, because I won’t know who to root against!!

My Juice projects are moving along slowly. Part of it is lack of motivation. I haven’t set deadlines for myself, and since it’s all generally working, I kind of have a “if it ain’t broke, don’t mess with it” mentality. But….if I ever want help, I’m going to need to get more organized, which is going to require me to get these projects at least started.

Right, I’m at work, I should really focus on that now for a while.