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My car and other such nonsense

Posted 24 Jul 2007 — by chad
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About a week ago or so I drove down to see my in-laws (my wife and son came with me, I didn’t just randomly go see my in-laws). Through the course of the day, my wife and MiL decide they’re going to go shopping.

In backing out of her driveway, my MiL backs into my car.

>crunch< Now, I’m all about family love and forgiveness and stuff, but there’s no way I can let this go (not that they asked, but I could see it in my wife’s eyes). So I’ve spent the past week cobbling together the cheapest parts from around town to save them a buck or two. I’m now a bit frustrated because they keep suggesting things like superglue and I keep suggesting things like driving lessons. Needless to say, this is seriously straining the in-law relationship. Anyways, a week later, some misordered parts and a worn out credit card later, I now have an assortment of plastic parts sitting in the trunk of my car that cost me 400 dollars. Yes. 400 dollars to get my turn signal fixed and my headlight mount fixed. Yeesh. I got my in-laws to pony up 360 dollars based on quotes, but there was one other piece that I didn’t realize needed to be replaced. So I bought that and they are about 40 dollars short overall. Should I swallow the 40 dollars or go after them for it? ~sigh~ Decisions Decisions. —————————————————- New baby is three months along and doing great. Checkup today was fine. Although if we’d waited another week we could have found out the sex of the baby. Grumble grumble grumble. Next checkup is in a month, guess we’ll find out then. —————————————————- Finished Harry Potter 7. Saw Harry Potter 5. No spoilers here for either one (though seriously, if I could spoil HP 5 for you, we need to talk). ————————————————— Child Ziggie (can’t call him Baby anymore) is going through a growth spurt. We are currently hitting one of these a week. At his current rate of growth he will be 6 foot tall by 2nd grade. Anyone have any Small boys clothes to share?