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Click Clack, the sound of a hard drive dying.

Posted 22 Sep 2005 — by chad
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Alas, when a hard drive starts clacking, instead of clicking, it is the impending sound of its doom.

Today, we pay tribute to the great Quantum Fireball 40 GB Hard Drive that has powered my sturdy little tower for 6 years.

Thankfully, I have a few best buy gift certificates and a replacement has already been procured. Backups are current (for once) the only thing I was unable to do was get a ghost image of my installed system the last time I refreshed the OS.

Basically, I have to install everything piece by piece. Not a problem, just…time consuming.

In other news –

on the jobfront (did everyone know I lost my job? I forgot to tell everyone) I had an interview Tuesday with Burger King. They want me to come on as an assistant manager, eventually being store manager. Ironic that I fought for so long to escape McDonald’s, only to possibly end up back in fast food.

Shannon, I feel where you’re coming from. I could easily see myself getting stuck in this rut, running my own little kingdom, content to stay here. I don’t know which direction to head in life either. Maybe politics is the answer.

I sent out about 20 resumes on Tuesday night (I love email) but haven’t heard anything. I don’t expect to, but I’ve never been one to get my hopes up.

At any rate…with the main computer down, the best way to get ahold of me for the next few days is going to be the old fashioned way, calling me. :-D