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Thanks Teri!!

Posted 06 Oct 2005 — by chad
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Here’s what you do:

Go to and type “(your name) needs”.
Then pick the 5 best ones and post them here.
FOR EXAMPLE if your name is James, you would put this in to the search engine: “James needs” (with the quotes included!)


1. Chad needs a single or two parent home that would encourage him to live.
2. Chad needs a totally kickass high-fivin’ theme to match.
3. Chad needs to extend its communications infrastructure quickly to participate in today’s global economy.
4. Chad needs to pave many roads to open up commercial routes and facilitate access to schools and clinics.
5. Chad needs to let loose, and date a fun girl like Mischa.
Honorable mention: Chad needs a blog.

What makes this fun is that there is a country and a football player with my name. :D