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Happy New Calendar Rotation!

Posted 04 Jan 2006 — by chad
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So lately I’ve been thinking of high school. I’m not sure why, as high school really wasn’t that enjoyable a time for me. I suppose at the time it was, but only because I didn’t know nearly how much fun college would be.

I was thinking about the friends I had, who I don’t talk to or even know where they’re at anymore. I was musing that my 10 year reunion is coming up (2008!) and I realized…I feel old. But I haven’t done anything.

Mostly I’ve just been bored. Having a 2 year old at home is not the way to spice up your life. In fact, it’s surprisingly dull. Don’t get me wrong, he’s adorable, and every day is a new adventure for him, and it’s great to watch him learn and explore and discover the world around him. But he goes to bed at 8. From 8 until I crawl into bed, there’s nothing to do. Can’t go out…no place to go even if I could…I need a hobby.

Any suggestions?

Ok, so that was wholly depressing.

On a lighter note, I get paid on Thursday. That will help. There’s already a line of people waiting for this money.

Le sigh.

It seems like I’m destined never to get ahead. Everytime seems thing to remotely be going right, and I feel like I’m getting back on top of things, and finances are working themselves out, or whatever, things go terribly, horribly wrong. And it results in me being in a worse position than I was before.

At one point, my wife had three jobs. Well, two jobs and a third starting soon. So she declined the third job, quit one job, and was planning to focus on her favorite. And once it was too late to undo everything else, she got fired. “Focus issues” they said. But again, this is life telling me I’m destined to never get ahead.

Wow this is depressing.

I hardly know anyone in Fort Wayne anymore. I feel like I’m losing all my friends to family, which I suppose is normal, but I miss the days of being able to just drop in on someone and we’d go party the night away. Or even see a movie. Or or or or or…

OK, I’m going to end this on a happy note.

Baby Ziggie is talking up a storm lately. Everyday he is learning new words and I’m just waiting for him to open his mouth and have English come pouring out of it (currently it’s a mix of words I can understand and words only he knows). He’s really growing into a gentleman. Somehow we instilled manners in him. He says please and thank you (sometimes it takes some prompting, but otherwise he does it on his own).

Work has started on Baby Ziggie’s sibling (who I’ll have to call Baby Ziggie2 or something I guess), but there is nothing in the oven as yet.

Sorry to all those who are scratching their eyes out screaming “I didn’t need to know that!!”

The Packers finished 4-12 on the season. In response, The Packers fired Mike Sherman (why?? one bad season in 5 isn’t that terrible, esp when you remove 80% of the Packers best players). So now, I think, Favre will be leaving too, since he said he’d only stay if Sherman stayed (could it be the Green Bay higher ups are silently telling Favre to leave?). Le sigh. Which means, most likely, no good season next year either while Aaron Rodgers (who I’m sure is very talented) gets his bearings.

It’s the end of the world as we know it.