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Posted 09 Dec 2005 — by chad
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8 inches of snow! Unbelievable. Well, I suppose it is believable, since it happened. Wow. Today I let the dog out the back door and he promptly disappeared. He then realized snow is cold and immediately wanted back in. So he went back to bed. Meanwhile, I had to dig out my truck before I could try to go to work. I got a path cleared out and the plow drove past and clogged up the end of the driveway again. I yelled, but it kept going. So rather than shovel again, I just left the driveway at 30 miles per hour. Fun drive to work!

I have yet to figure out what my boss actually does at work. Today he was there for two hours before taking off again. Meanwhile, I put in a whole day of game pla…er…hard work. Lots and lots of hard work.

Andy, I am, for the record, he of whom you speak. From Beta freshman year, destroying your computer until I bought it, all the way up until we left in aught two. There, now let’s never mention it again. :)

Baby Ziggie is getting potty trained. He runs around all day and occasionally yells out for mommy to come take his diaper off so he can pee in the potty. Then he gets chocolate. He likes chocolate, so this encourages him to pee in the potty again. He hasn’t figured out how to aim, but it’s a start.

I’ve now run out of things to talk about (for shame!). Watched the Apprentice last night, but still have to wait a week to find out who won….so sad (go Rebekah!)