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Oops, I did it again.

Posted 25 Jun 2007 — by chad
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So it’s official. My family is growing by 1 in January.

Just when I’d finally decided never to have more kids…

Le sigh.

At least it’s not twins.

Now, does anyone have any ideas on how to explain this idea to a 3 1/2 year old?

Intelligence Sublime

Posted 11 May 2007 — by chad
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So…I’m a freaking genius.

In an effort to forestall re-installing Windows on my work computer, I downloaded a Registry Cleaner. Among it’s many features was an ability to get rid of “unneeded files”. So I was running it, happy to get my computer cleaned up and happy to push off a Windows re-install until I had more time.

Then a message popped up: 2000+ unneeded files found. Delete?

I clicked on view, looked through all the files, it certainly looked like something I didn’t need anymore.

Just to be safe, I made sure my backup was up to date. It was.

So I clicked Delete.

It chugged through, then popped up finished. Then I noticed something strange….all the icons (and I mean ALL the icons) on my desktop disappeared.

I thought that was strange, but figured explorer locked up and was doing something goofy.

I rebooted, and came back and it’s still empty.


So I go to my Start menu. It’s empty.

So is my quick launch.

This wonderful program had marked all (yes, all. I did a search) of my lnk (shortcut) files as unnecessary.


So now what. I could spend the 2-3 hours to re-create all the shortcuts. It’d be time consuming, but it’d be better than a Windows re-install, right?

Well…no. After 20 minutes of trying to determine which Phtshop.exe actually launched Photoshop and which one tried to reinstall it, I decided I didn’t have time for this.

So I wiped the hard drive and reinstalled Windows.

And…you guessed it, my backups weren’t as current as I thought. (no, just kidding, they were fine).

So now I have a clean Windows machine, with shortcuts, and it’s faster than I remember it ever being.

~sigh~ why did I put up with the crap for so long?

So, my quick notes:

-unnecessary files are sometimes necessary.
-a clean Windows is a happy Windows.
-trial software makes Windows an unhappy Windows.
-apparently the first time I got cygwin to work it was a fluke. It won’t work this time.

So, yes. I am now piecing together my data so that it is something useful.

That is all.

A long awaited update, the Packers lost, and my random tagginess

Posted 11 Sep 2006 — by chad
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Alright, so it’s been roughly 17 years since I last made any type of significant update (I did say roughly). Why am I updating now? Why not? Can’t I update without you being suspicious of me? What did I do? Yeesh.

Oh, that and I met someone.

Wait, that didn’t come out right. Not right at all.

Let’s rewind. About 10 years ago (man, I feel old. I can say that and actually remember what happened 10 years ago), my family stumbled onto this little thing called the World Wide Web (or Internet for all you young’uns out there). After a year of feeling my way around I started chatting with this guy out in California who decided to start forwarding me crap that he found funny. Well, I found it funny too, but that’s not the point. He took it and ran with it and created a site called JokeMail (later called MyJokeMail) and I was lucky subscriber number 7.

But that’s not the point.

Along with this site came this wonderfully time consuming message board. Or forum. Or post site. Or big blog. Or Big Al’s harem. Whatever you want to call it. It quickly became my favorite hangout, and I was more than willing to sacrifice sleep, food, games, women, and grades to spend time on it.

Lo and behold, I met a girl on this message board and we became fast friends. It took us forever to meet in real life, and by then real life had caught up to us to stop us from doing anything besides being friends (le sigh). But we went through it all…from her locking herself inside a house, to me watching my roommate attack the toilet with a hammer. I don’t quite remember why a hammer was needed on the toilet, but that’s another story entirely.


So why the stroll down memory line? Because it’s my blog that’s why!! Oh, and because the other day I popped online into a chat program for the first time in a year or two, and wouldn’t you know it, there she was! The lovely xchantis vara who has grown up to become Tanga (I think of power rangers and space drinks when I say it out loud, but to each their own). We traded blogs, and went on our merry way. Well, now that she has my blog, I figured I should update.

And now I realized, what’s the point in updating if all I’m going to talk about is stuff she already knows? Ah, that is a wicked question. Wish I had an answer.

And that my friends, is a long, boring, useless blog update (though I’ve yet to see a useful blog update, after all, how are blogs useful in the long run?)

Why oh why did I watch the Packers Game? I wasn’t even drunk, which may have made it look better. Man, first the Cubs disappoint and now the Packers? There were a lot of questionable play calling going on, but still.

Yeesh. Well, there’s always nex—no dammit, this year. This year!!

Random Tag Update

An update on my random tags. counting this post, in my random effort to have useless tags, I have the following duplicates (and hey, you can tell what’s important to me by what repeats, right?):

high school
baby ziggieflu