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I did it!

Posted 09 Jan 2006 — by chad
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For five years I’ve been trying to lose weight using a combination of not exercising and not dieting. Up until recently, this method has resulted in failure. But today, on a whim, I decided to weigh myself, and I’ve lost 8 pounds since the last time I weighed myself (a month ago I think). So now I’m going to write a book talking about the wonders of this non-dieting, non-exercising weight loss method, get rich, and pay someone to take off all the weight I don’t want. now that’s weight loss magic.

I bought a GameCube on Friday. A friend at work was selling his, and seeing as I wanted one for the new Zelda game, I figured buying his used would be cheaper in the long run than buying a new one. So now I have a used GameCube sitting in my entertainment center collecting dust, because I haven’t bought Zelda for it. Though I did play some Tiger Woods golf, and I discovered that I am not a golfer. I also played some baseball game, and discovered that I am not a baseball player. So here’s what I learned: I should stick to my Madden Football on the computer, and put aside the silly notion of a GameCube.

I watched a lot of football this weekend (well, three games I guess could be a lot). The Packers aren’t in the playoffs, so I thought I wouldn’t watch. But I enjoyed watching the Giants lose. I also enjoyed watching Pittsburgh and New England won. I’m sure there was another game being played out there, but I didn’t watch it. Without the Packers, I am not forced to root for someone other than the Packers. I am going to root for whoever beats the Bears. And if for some odd reason both the Colts and the Bears make it to the playoffs, I will have to boycott the game, because I won’t know who to root against!!

My Juice projects are moving along slowly. Part of it is lack of motivation. I haven’t set deadlines for myself, and since it’s all generally working, I kind of have a “if it ain’t broke, don’t mess with it” mentality. But….if I ever want help, I’m going to need to get more organized, which is going to require me to get these projects at least started.

Right, I’m at work, I should really focus on that now for a while.